An African Girl's First Guide to Technology Book Tour

In today’s generation, girls and women have a significant knowledge gap in digital realities. As economies continue to digitize, people’s ability to use technology will become increasingly important for economic and social growth. Although advanced digital skills are required for some jobs, basic digital literacy is necessary for most jobs and daily activities in the digital economy.

Despite completing secondary school education, girls who do not increase their digital adoption and use will have limited access to opportunities and face an additional barrier to workforce participation.

Raising awareness is critical to bridging the STEM gender gap. In honor of the 2023 International Women’s Day Celebration with the theme DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality, the Techy Train Incubator Foundation conducted an awareness tour across four Local Government Areas in the Federal Capital Territory.

Their team visited several senior secondary schools, with a focus on girls, including Command Secondary School in Lungi Barracks, Asokoro; Government Girls Secondary School in Dukpa, Gwagwalada; Government Girls’ Science Secondary School in Kuje; and Federal Government Girls’ College in Abaji. The tour aimed to sensitize the students about technology and digital skills as a tool for future relevance.

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Command Secondary School, Lungi Barracks, Asokoro Students


Ms. Excellence Anurika Joshua, the president of the Foundation, led the tour and delivered keynote speeches at all the locations. She emphasized that technology is an enabler and encouraged the students to view technology not only as a career path but also as a tool to make life and work easier. She also encouraged them to think critically about problem-solving and not to limit themselves by their environment. Additionally, she encouraged the girls to embrace the possibilities provided by the internet to seek help globally.

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Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Kuje, Abuja


The team was well-received at all locations, and the girls were enthusiastic. The team also donated free copies of the book “An African Girl’s First Guide to Technology,” by Ms. Excellence Anurika Joshua, to some students and school libraries. The book was written to bridge the digital literacy gap in Africa and contains everything an African girl needs to understand basic digital literacy. The book’s goal is to enhance full and equal access to science for girls across Africa.

The principals of the schools encouraged the team to return every year. The team included Grace C. Joshua Nnamani Cynthia Chinenye Faith Adeyanju Isaac Olugbenga and Mr. Victor Dania.

Well-meaning Nigerians supported printing copies of the book and donating them for free. The organization intends to visit more schools, create more awareness, and seek more support and funding from well-meaning Nigerians and institutions.

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