7000+ Girls & Women Empowered Across Africa

TTI Foundation

We work towards ensuring African girls and women have the right tools to work their way out of poverty.
About us

To serve as a repository of information to women and especially girls on ICT for empowerment in Economic and & Educational Development.

TTI Foundation was established to empower young African women and Youth with digital skills that will bridge the technology gap and build capacity in them to thrive. We provide them with the right tools to work out of poverty, care for their families and strengthen their communities. We are devoted to investing in them to become financially independent, digitally efficient, purpose-oriented, career confident, and socially connected.

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Empowering women and girls is essential to the economic and social development of families, communities, countries and the African continent.

Events & Programs

We organize inclusive events & Programs for Women & Girls

Starts May, 2023

An advanced digital skill training for young women across Africa.

Starts July, 2023

A basic digital skill training for young women across Africa.

starts march, 2023

A technology awareness and advocacy tour for teenage girls.

Our impact
"Empowering African Girls & Women with Relevant Digital Skills for Decent Jobs and Entrepreneurship."
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