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Our story starts way back when technology gave our founder headway and she decided to show and help other women get the same.

In 2018, I was 25, a fresh graduate from the university, I had just separated from my then abusive husband and fled with my son. I had no job, had a neurological breakdown, was broke and had a 2-year-old son; I was desperate to survive. In all of this, I realized that the African society is not kind to helpless women and there were not many options for me. Despite being a graduate of Medical Laboratory Science, when life hit me hard, like it does to more than 21 percent of Women in the world, the only lifeline I found to rebuild myself was through technology and digital solutions. As soon as I began to make head way, I was determined to help other women do the same as well.

– Excellence Anurika Joshua (President and Founder)

The Techy Train Incubator (TTI) Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in March 2021 and incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission as a Trustee in January 2022.

TTI Foundation was established to empower young African women and Youth with digital skills that will bridge the technology gap and build capacity in them to thrive. We provide them with the right tools to work out of poverty, care for their families and strengthen their communities. We are devoted to investing in them to become financially independent, digitally efficient, purpose-oriented, career confident, and socially connected.

So far, we have implemented bootcamps that inspire and empower young women across 35 countries in Africa. We have trained over 7000 young women and girls on digital skills. The goal is to ensure they are ready and well-equipped for the future of work and can compete globally and favorably. 

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