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Tech-Up Girls

Globally, 3.7 billion people do not have access to the internet. Half of them are women. In some parts of the world, the digital gender divide has been shrinking, but data shows it is growing in Africa. (UN Women, 2021)

The pandemic has shown that access to technology is not a luxury anymore, it is a necessity, especially for girls. There is a gender digital divide globally: girls are disadvantaged when it comes to digital adoption, have lower levels of access to and use of digital technology than boys, and often they are not benefiting from digital technology as boys are. (UN Women, 2021)

Including women in the digital economy in Africa presents enormous opportunities for reducing inequality, achieving development and economic growth, and accelerating business and market integration in Africa.

The majority of women in the labor force in Africa remain in low-income, labor-intensive jobs such as agricultural work, which lack value-addition and growth opportunities and contribute to keeping many women in poverty.

Unfortunately, in the digital economy—one of the fastest growing and most promising sectors in many countries—women are underrepresented and marginalized as tech entrepreneurs.

The Tech-Up Girls Initiative

Tech-Up Girls

At the Techy Train Incubator Foundation, we believe in teaching girls and women digital skills in a continuum; from basic to advanced. The Tech-Up Girls Initiative bootcamp aims to empower African girls and young women with basic digital skills. It is a wholesome program where participants learn basic technical skills but also other skills and access relevant information that could enhance their learning and embrace of technology. It is referred to as a digital launchpad for African Girls.

The Tech-Up Girls initiative was set-up to bridge the gender digital skills gap in Africa by exposing young women to the world of technology as well as guide them on how to leverage technology to survive, thrive and be globally relevant.

During the 12 weeks intensive bootcamp, participants are engaged virtually through an immersive self-paced but supervised learning process as well accountability through coaches and community.

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What you'd learn...

Participants will gain access to the course platform and learn about technology and the internet. They’ll explore the definition, history, and types of technology, along with the building blocks of technology. Additionally, they’ll understand how the internet works, covering connectivity, smart devices, and IoT. The week concludes with a quiz and a life enhancement call focused on re-engineering belief systems for success.

This week delves into using technology responsibly and safely, covering cybersecurity, digital footprint, and privacy. Participants will explore careers in technology, understanding various roles, core skills, and the impact of technology on industries. They will also learn about future trends and ethical considerations in tech careers. The week wraps up with a quiz and a life enhancement call emphasizing the power of being a DREAMS girl.

Participants will study the Microsoft and Google ecosystems, including their history, core services, and impact on everyday computing and internet accessibility. They’ll also learn about email’s evolution, importance, and effective management. This week includes practical applications, a quiz, and a life enhancement call on financial literacy.

Focuses on artificial intelligence and prompt engineering, covering AI’s history, key terms, and ethical considerations. Participants will learn about personal branding, remote working, and entrepreneurship. The week includes crafting effective prompts for AI and selling yourself in professional contexts. A quiz, project, and a life enhancement call on money management round out the week.

This week covers social media management, including platform-specific strategies, content creation, engagement strategies, and analytics. Participants will also learn about legal and ethical guidelines, crisis management, and social media tools like Canva. The week concludes with a quiz, project, and a life enhancement call on networking and future planning.

Participants will focus on video content creation with tutorials on In-Shot and VN. They will also learn about bulk emailing using tools like Flodesk, Brevo, and Mailchimp. The weeks include quizzes, projects, and life enhancement calls on advanced digital skills.

These weeks are dedicated to understanding the role of a Virtual Assistant (VA), including essential skills, tools, client management, and starting a VA business. Participants will also learn about web design using WordPress, from setting up to launching a portfolio website. The weeks conclude with quizzes, projects, and life enhancement calls on skill monetization.

Participants will explore web design using Shopify, including setting up an account, choosing and customizing themes, adding products, and setting up payment and shipping. They will also learn marketing strategies and analyze store performance using Shopify Analytics. The week wraps up with a final quiz, project, and a life enhancement call on conversations with a Big Sister.

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SHE: Learn . Work . Earn


  • Ability to read and write in the English Language
  • Must be between 16 and 30 years old
  • Be an African 
  • Have access to an internet connectivity device: Mobile Phone, Tablet or Laptop, internet connectivity, and an internet browser
  • Be available during the 6 weeks of your cohort.
  • Have access to Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram
We believe that including women in the digital economy presents enormous opportunities for reducing inequality and achieving sustainable development. However, we need your support to make this vision a reality. We are seeking sponsors and partners who can help us provide these valuable learning opportunities to more girls. Your sponsorship or partnership can take various forms, including financial support, providing learning materials and data access, offering mentorship, or any other way you can contribute. By supporting the Tech-Up Girls Initiative Bootcamp, you will be directly impacting the lives of young women, helping them to break free from the cycle of poverty and achieve their full potential. To express intent to sponsor or partner, kindly email pa**********@th**************.org or bl******@th**************.org

Frequently Asked Questions​

The training is fully virtual (online).

The course is for 12 weeks.

Yes, you will get a downloadable certificate.

We have a Job Board where you can access jobs and internships.

It is absolutely beginner friendly.

You also get to learn some life enhancing skills, you network and grow via community building. You also access opportunities and support through your tech journey.

Most of the lessons can be taken on your phone. About 95% but the web development course which is the last lesson is best practiced on a computer.

You need to be available, have a smartphone and/or a computer and most importantly access to the internet and data. 

It’s beginner friendly and we will show you how to if you are selected.

Yes. It is discounted to N5000/$10

It is self-paced but you have access for 60 days only

No. But you will be positioned for opportunities.

You’d take assessments via Quizzes that will be automatically graded . At the end of the course, you will earn a certificate of completion which you can download immediately.

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